Mikuni Maisaki – Naughty Japanese Teen Nurse


It’s not everyday you come across your fantasy personified in real life, but today is an exception, and with good measure! Presenting to you… the gorgeous, delightful, hot and busty Japanese Teen Wonder, Mikuni Maisaki.

Whatever you need to do to get into the hospital where she works, we highly recommend it. Even if you have to make something up, do it. She has a pair of succulent, tasty Japanese Tits and a killer hot body to match. In this video we find her up to all kinda of ‘healing’ in order to get her ‘patient’ back to good health. Be it a Cock/ Foot Massage, A nice blow job with extra mouth action, or just rubbing her breasts all over you, she really seems to know what makes a Japanese man feel good again!

But, of course, that’s not all. Watch on to see all the naughty action she gets up to. Enjoy 😉

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