Tsuna Kimura

Shy & Innocent Japanese Girl Tsuna First Sexual Experience

Cute Asian Girl Tsuna Kimura Licks A Fat CockBehold theĀ innocent, cuteĀ Tsuna Kimura, a cute Japanese girl who’s loving her first sexual experience in today’s video.

We’re not sure what’s going on here, but Tsuna is on her bed, and an older man has taken control of the situation. He’s slowly taking her clothes off, and she’s quite resistant at first. This kinda looks a bit dodgy, but soon we realise that Tsuna is just shy, and she’s feeling apprehensive. This guy starts feeling her tits through her bra, rubbing her nipple and getting her aroused as she fights back her shyness.

Next up, he’s got her underpants off and is rubbing her shaved vagina with his finger. She squeals as he does this, as the way Japanese AV stars always seem to. Then, he’s got his finger inside her now wet pussy, and giving her a nice finger treatment. She’s got a nice, small pussy, perfectly formed (to porn star standards), and is a pleasure to look at!

She goes on to put this Japanese guys’s penis in her mouth, giving her a nice, slow, and comprehensive blow job. It barely fits. Tsuan Kimura then get’s on and rides him hard, putting his dick inside her tight Japanese pussy and having a nice, deep fuck. Enjoy!

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