Rei Furuse

Rei Furuse In Blindfolded Threesome With Two Guys

Today we are blessed with the gorgeous Rei Furuse, as she get’s up to all kinds of mischief with a couple of blindfolded guys. Here, she places herself on top of┬áthese two lucky guys, and plays around with them.

She licks their faces, and kisses them on the mouth with her cute little tongue, as they rub her all over. How enjoyable would this be!

Soon, it’s their turn to give her some stimulation, and she invites one to lick her out, ┬áplacing her pussy over his mouth, and getting a good eating out as the other works her succulent Japanese breast.

This moves on to a dual headjob, and she takes their cocks and gives them both a great blowjob! She gives both these Japanese guys great attention, she clearly enjoys what she’s doing and likes to leave a good impression! As for the rest, you’ll have to watch. Enjoy!

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