Nami Itoshino

Japanese Girl Discovers Amazing Sex On The Beach

Somehow, in this amazing video, this fucking young Japanese guy has gotten this girl and had his way with her. Lucky cunt. They’re down by the beach, and he’s no disregard for her bikini and is sucking on her nipples as she whimpers in the way that young Japanese girls tend to sound in these videos. Is it real? I have NO idea. But they all seem to do it, so it must be popular, or just another weird thing Japanese people do.

Whatever the case, these two are ready to get naked in front of the camera and fuck the shit out of each other. Seriously, it’s ridiculous. Fingering, sucking, blowjobs, whimpering, the works. This girl is pretty hot – with the combo of being young, trim, and acting innocent, it’s a recipe for extracting the cum out of your penis. If that’s your thing. Is It? Watch on and find out..

Japanese Girl Loves Doggy Style With Older Man

Nami Itoshino is the girl of honour today, and we find her in a gorgeous red top that makes us wonder how good those titties of hers look. Of course, they’re stunning, full bodied, and just ready to be sucked upon.

Some older japanese porn stars (do they exist as a real thing) is here, and she’s got her breasts out, and he’s playing with her pussy. In turn, she’s rubbing his cock, she does look a little unsure about this whole event, which makes us wonder if she’s done it before.

She lets out cute little whimpers as she’s being touched. Next up, she’s giving this guys rock hard cock a good blowjob, taking him inside her mouth and swallowing up what she can with her little Japanese mouth.

So when does she get the big cock up inside her pussy? About half way through the video. This guy takes her doggystyle and gives her a nice penetration, pushing his cock deep inside her. She gets into the action and all this makes for an enjoyable watch!

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