Yui Japanese AV Girl Video – Doctor Sucks & Fucks.

Yui¬†is a gorgeous Japanese AV Girl who loves getting dirty with her doctor. She has fancied him for years, and today in this video he urges her to get naked with him, and suck his dick. She’s really excited by this idea, and soon enough his cock is in her mouth, and she’s gagging for more.

Things get heated, and soon she’s naked, and he’s getting her excited and really wet.

She enjoys this so much she grabs his throbbing hard cock and thrusts it inside her, over and over again. This ignites her passion and she builds up to an incredible orgasm.

Her fucks her hard and she loves it so much – she’s going to have to pretend to be sick a lot if she wants to keep her sexual appetite satisfied!

What an awesome, erotic video. We hope you’ve enjoyed it, and if you have, please share it around!

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